Airsoft Rifle UK Arms Spring Replica Rifle 310 FPS Black Wood

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Great for a prop or close range target practice, The UK Arms Airsoft Spring Rifle is a good deal with some enjoyable features! This replica features a faux handguard, stock and grip, giving its wielder a sense of realism and immersion while in play. Even as a spring powered rifle, this is capable of shooting at up to 310 FPS and not only that, comes with an included laser sight and flashlight for play in low-light scenarios. This lightweight rifle is made of polymer, so its easy to carry when simulating an exercise. However, this rifle cannot hold up in an official airsoft milsim match. When having close range target practice, this airsoft rifle delivers a very enjoyable experience. Get the classic rifle at an affordable price by UK Arms!

  • Lightweight quality polymer build.
  • Spring powered operation.
  • Custom wood polymer compact stock.
  • Spring powered operation.
  • Custom wood polymer compact stock.
  • Includes wood finish look and design.
  • Output capable of 310 FPS.
  • Package Includes: 1X Rifle, 1X Magazine
  • Color: BLACK / WOOD

Disclaimer: This airsoft gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug.