AMA OpSpec 3-Point Adjustable QD Rifle Sling - OD Green

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The Airsoft Wholesaler Armory OpSpec Tactical 3-Point Adjustable QD Rifle Sling is perfect for longer full stock rifles such as M14's and M16's, making them much more comfortable to carry and shoulder.  The wide webbing alleviates shoulder fatigue and distributes the rifle's weight more evenly.  With tactical nylon sling attachment points, the AMA OpSpec Tactical 3-Point Adjustable QD Rifle Sling connects more securely to the rifle.  Also added is a quick release CQB latch to the sling, allowing you to instantly slacken the sling and making it easier to transition in close quarters environments.


- High grade tactical weapon retention system constructed of durable tubular nylon and high density elastic bungee material
- Ultra Forge strengthened metal weapon hooks for rugged day in/day out reliability
- Reinforced double stitching at overlapping conjunction points and LP triple stitching at critical conjunction points for high quality build and feel
- 1.5" high density webbing for maximum durability
- Adjustable length for perfect weapon/operator fitment&compatibility

3-point Sling Tactical Advantages:
- Ultra fast target acquisition: Once you dial in the optimum sling position for you and your weapon, you can reap the benefits of lightning-quick engagement from various shooting positions,
- Ease of use and adjustable straps allow for users to quickly find the optimum sling and weapon position
- High density elastic bungee allows for the weapon to be milliseconds away from being "at rest" to being "engagement ready"

Color:  OD GREEN



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