Enola Gaye Airsoft Burst Tactical Smoke Grenade Pack of 5 (Color: Red)

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  • Manufacturer: Enola Gaye
  • Dimensions: 38mm diameter x 120mm height
  • Availability: UK, EU, USA, Canada
  • Weight: 40g
  • Water Resistance: Yes (Partial)
  • Fuse Delay: 2 Seconds
  • Effect Duration: Approximately 20 Seconds
  • Smoke Color: Red
  • Ignition Type: Enola Gaye Wire Pull
  • Cloud Density: 8/10
  • Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10


  • Largest smoke output product in today's tactical smoke grenade market
  • Specifically designed to fit in any MOLLE tactical pouch
  • Wire pull design offers a guaranteed on-command detonation during combat
  • This water resistant product can tolerate harsh climates and conditions
  • Extreme smoke output duration of 100 seconds for tactical advantage
  • Common military smoke grenade color similarity
  • Original grenade manufactured by Enola Gaye

Package Includes: 5x Smoke Grenades