Golden Eagle JGM-110 PEQ Battery Box w/ Battery

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The Golden Eagle PEQ2 Airsoft Battery Box has a built-in rail system and already comes with a 10.8V mini NiMH battery! This 10.8V battery has a long battery life and is built from high quality materials. This PEQ2 style box is compatible with any airsoft gun with a railed handguard. It quickly and easily attaches to your rail system and features a side rail of its own (so none of your rail space is wasted), making it idea for compact CQB rifles! It also features realistic markings and is constructed from a durable polymer to prevent damage to the battery inside. Its polymer construction allows it to also be lightweight, which won’t weigh your rifle down or throw off its point of balance.


  • Integrated 10.8V battery for long life
  • Durable polymer construction
  • Compatible with most 20mm rail systems
  • Lightweight, slim profile
  • Integrated side mounted rail system
  • Realistic markings and design
  • Includes Nimh 10.8V 1100Mah battery

Disclaimer: This airsoft gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug.