PolarStar F2 M249 Cylinder Conversion Kit

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  • Manufacturer: PolarStar
  • Construction: Aluminum ALloy
  • Compatibility: Most M429 Gearboxes
  • Velocity Ranges: 205 - 500 FPS
  • Operating Pressure: 45 - 145 psi
  • Overall Length: 4 inches


  • Extremely lightweight and compact design
  • Dual solenoid design allows for open and closed bolt firing
  • F2 FCU with LCD allows for easy tuning
  • Spring loaded nozzle provides consistent loading force
  • Lightweight one piece poppet valve can operate at lower pressures
  • Easily adjustable FPS can be used for both CQB and field use without having to change nozzles

Package Includes: 1x F1 engine, 1x FCU, 1x Set of Wire Harness, 1x Trigger board, 1x Manual