RunCam Scope Cam 2 40mm 4k Airsoft Action Camera Airsoft Gun Accessories

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  • Manufacturer: RunCam
  • Construction: Aluminum Housing
  • Focal Length: 40mm
  • Video Resolution: 1080P@60fps / 1080P@100fps / 1080P@60fps / 1080P@50fps
  • Shutter: 1~1/500s
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Memory Card: Micro SD (Max 128gb)
  • Recording Time: 240 Minutes
  • Battery: 1400mAh
  • Battery Life: About 160 minutes (2.7K@60fps) / 240 minutes (1080P@60FPS)
  • Charging Time: About 120 minutes
  • Wifi: 2.4g
  • USB Interface: Type-C
  • Slow Mo: 4x
  • Waterproof Rating: IP64
  • Digital Zoom: 1x - 4x
  • Camera Dimensions: 112mm x 32mm x 36mm


  • Flashback mode starts your video with 5-15 seconds of footage captured by your camera before you press the shutter button to record so no action is missed before the camera is set to record
  • 4x digital zoom and customized crosshairs (red, green, white three color crosshair
  • Physical push-pull operation made for airsoft/starting, stopping recording, vibration reminder will ensure very wonderful moments will never escape
  • Lens rotation feature that allows you to move the lens 90 - 270 degrees
  • Aluminum housing that is more convenient to disassemble for cleaning or parts replacement
  • Low battery vibration reminder function allows you to hide more safely
  • IP64 waterproof design it is stable to work in rainy days and immune to bad weather
  • Picatinny mounting system that allows you to attach it to basically any gun with a 20mm picatinny rail
  • The camera can be connected to the RunCam App via Wifi for live preview, video playback, parameter setting and so on
  • The front lens protector can be easily replaced and removed in order to reduce damage to the camera lens
  • This camera is capable of capturing BB trajectory and each moment shots can be recorded clearly and smoothly

Package Includes: 1x Camera, 1x Charging Cable, 1x Manual

Disclaimer: This airsoft gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug.