ASG Storm Apocalypse Impact Gas Grenade (Color: Black)

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  • Brand: ASG
  • Grenade Type: Gas Powered (Green Gas)
  • Detonation Pattern: 360 Degrees up with a 10 meter blast radius
  • BB Capacity: 155 Rounds
  • Color: Black


  • Single shell impact resistant polymer construction
  • High performance, reusable grenade with a 360 degree BB dispersal pattern with up to a 10 meter blast radius
  • Impact style detonation trigger
  • Easy to load and reset design takes less than a minute to arm
  • Slimmer profile allows this grenade to fit into standard magazine pouches
  • Primer system that doesn't require pull pins, but instead uses a sliding lever to arm and disarm
  • Much more sensitive detonation trigger unit that allows for this to work better on softer surfaces such as carpet and grass

Package Includes: 1x Grenade