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The J-Rich Tactical G900 foregrip flashlight, with a high-intensity LED bulb system, is a high-quality, low-priced premium-grade flashlight for all Airsoft players.  The G900 flashlight is a thoughtfully designed, LED-bulb equipped lighting system that is integrated into a a vertical foregrip for versatility.  Two pressure pads are integrated into the foregrip for instantaneous on/off response.  A permanent on/off rocker switch is also present behind the light, for constant on/off light control.  Made out of a high-impact ABS polymer and metal, the flashlight is extremely durable and sturdy, but careful attention was paid to minimize weight as to maximize performance efficiency without being bulky.

The G900 features a quick-detach mount base, allowing it to be universally compatible with most-all rifles that feature a standard-sized rail (under the hand guard).  Two LED small navigator lights are also integrated into the front of the light, activated by a switch in the back of the light unit.

The J-Rich G900 tactical flashlight system is comparable in quality, efficiency, and overall performance to flashlight systems costing up to TWELVE (x12) TIMES ITS COST.  This high-performance flashlight is an absolute bargain, and is only available at this price through Airsoft Wholesaler because we buy factory-direct!

With an output of 160 lumens, the LED bulb allows for the J-Rich G900 tactical flashlight to be bright and ultra-efficient!  The output quality is high; the beam is extremely bright, crisp and clean (unlike cheaper flashlights).  The difference between the M900 and M910 is minimal, and is a matter of preference:  the G900 flashlight features a integral throw-lever clamp that allows for attachment onto rails, meanwhile the M910 flashlight features a dual thumbscrew clamp that allows for attachment onto rails.

The G900 flashlight unit takes 3 x CR123A Lithium Ion batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

- 160 Lumen high-output LED bulb
- Uses 320 mm rail with quick detachable lever
- Uses 3x CR123A Batteries (not included)
- Integrated pressure switch located on either side of forward grip, allowing for instantaneous on/off operation
- 2x Integrated Nav Lights
- Rocker switch for constant on
- High quality metal & ABS polymer construction for rugged durability


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